5 MORE Holiday Dental Stocking Stuffers!

We all enjoy getting a stocking full of gifts during the holiday season. But for those of us filling the stocking of a friend or family member, it can be difficult to find items that fit inside the stocking! We’re here to help with some dental focused stocking stuffers!

1) Floss

Okay, okay, okay. I’m sure this isn’t the most thrilling thing to find in your stocking, but it’s small, cheap and extremely useful. It’s important to floss regularly along with brushing! And, as silly as this may sound, gifting floss to children gets them excited about the idea of flossing and gives their parents an opportunity to show them how to do it well!

2) Gum

Sugar free gum to be exact. Gum is a great way to help freshen breath and chewing gum after a meal can help pull left over food particles off teeth so that they don’t cause any damage. And sugar free gum offers all of these benefits without any of the sugar that can cause damage to teeth.

3) A gift certificate

Many dentists offer gift certificates for certain services, like teeth whitening. While gifting teeth whitening may be a bold move, it can be a great gift idea for someone who has already been considering going to their dentist for a whitening treatment.

4) Candy

What? Candy on a dental stocking stuffer list? Well, we don’t recommend candy outright, but we know many people use it as a stocking stuffer and so we thought we’d offer some tips. Chocolate candy tends to be a great gift because it’s easy on teeth and tastes delicious. Avoid gifting chewy candy or candy with nuts, particularly to people with fillings or orthodontic work. Things like caramel and peanuts can break brackets or pull out fillings.

5) A Dental Cheek Retractor Game

For any of you who have visited the dentist, you’ve probably experienced a cheek retractor. It’s a plastic device that holds your mouth open. And if you visit your local game store, you’ll find games that make you say silly phrases while using one of these cheek retractors. It’s almost impossible to enunciate words when your mouth can’t close or change shape and the results are hilarious! They’re great games and great stocking stuffers!

Hopefully this gives you some unique ideas for stocking stuffers for your friends and families and makes holiday shopping just a little bit easier!


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