How Bad is Tobacco for Oral Health

It’s commonly heard from many people that smoking is bad for your health. Often, people hear this time and time again from the dentist, at school and even from peers. But how bad is it for you? well, there are a few things that you must know about this, and there are some very important factors to consider.  There are some factors that do show how distinctive smoking is for your oral health, and while your dentist might admonish you about this, here are a few reasons why if you are smoking, it might be best to quit.

The first, is yellowing stains. This happens a lot with smokers, where it creates a yellow sort of stain on your teeth. Smoking is notorious for this, meaning that the discoloration is actually from the tar that you find in cigarettes, and also the nicotine as well.  It’s very hard to whiten yellow teeth, especially with how deep the stains might be and how long they’re exposed to different chemicals that you might find in said products.  If you expose your teeth to these chemicals, it will weaken the enamel, which also does cause the tooth to become vulnerable not only to the overall superficial stains, but also the stains that go deeper into the teeth.

182Speaking of how deep this can go, it can also rot your teeth. Because of the chemicals within these tobacco products, it weakens your tooth enamel, which then causes it to become more susceptible to bacteria, various acids, and other substances that are destructive. If you don’t’ have a protective layer, it can eat away at the tooth and cause it to rot to the root.  This is super painful and it can cause a tooth to become loose, which could require removal and falling out.  Not only that, it can lead to infection, which is a much more serious issue.  Along with that, smoking causes less oxygen to flow in the blood, which will make the infections harder to fight, and this can then create other major issues such as gum disease.

Gum disease, as mentioned before, can be a big problem with those that smoke. Because there is less oxygen in the blood that you have, your immune system is weakened as well. Simply put, it leaves your mouth susceptible to infection.  You can get more bacteria built up, and it can go into your gums.  This then can cause destruction of the gum flesh, which makes it recede and become much looser and unhealthy.  Remember, the gums will anchor your teeth, and because of this, it could fall out.  If gum disease gets even worse, it can also cause the bones of the teeth there to fall out. Some studies have shown that if you smoke, you’re more than likely to get gum disease compared to those that don’t.

Finally, there is oral cancer. Because of tobacco products are carcinogenic, these chemicals can cause so many cancers, including oral cancer.  Not only do you have to worry about lung cancer and other cancer, oral cancer can be there too.  There are many chemicals found in various tobacco smoke, and over 70 of these are known to cause cancer.  Oral cancer can be dangerous because many people don’t know about the early side effects of it, and they won’t know anything about it until it’s actually spread. About 75% of people over the age of 50 did regularly smoke tobacco at one part of their life.  You might find oral cancer in the form of various bumps, lots of bleeding and swelling, numbness and pain, and even difficulty swallowing.

For many people, making sure that they have the best oral health is important. Seeing a Kennewick dentist will yield good results, and if you are smoking, it’s best to end it immediately. It causes more harm than good, and while it is an addiction, it is one that you can beat due to many different helpful items.  Your oral health, and overall health, is at stake when you’re smoking regularly, so do yourself a favor and stop doing that before it gets any worse than possible.


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